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Our services

Lifestyle Projects is capable of handling a wide range of tasks. To list but a few:

Our Mission

To provide an unprecedented service at competitive prices.

Important note !

You might pick up small irregularities in some of the pictures, which may beg the question 'are they fake?'.  I promise that all pictures published on this website are very  real. Sometimes I join pictures  together, to give you a wider view than my camera can capture. As lighting and angles are always different for each picture, you might see slight color differences and joining lines. I do not change the  proportions of content of pictures!

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Company Profile

Lifestyle Projects started trading in 2003 with Rudy Spiessens as the sole proprietor. The company's registered name is Bonchance Properties cc. I emigrated from Belgium in 1983 and settled in South Africa. Belgians tend to be demanding customers when it comes to quality. This passion for quality is henceforth an integral part of my value system and reflects in my work and the work performed by my staff members. I qualified as a graduate engineer in Belgium in 1982. I love a challenge and diversity in projects. When I get confronted with a job I have not performed before, I will always make the necessary enquiries with professional organizations or individuals to get advice to provide you with the best possible solution. I will never claim to know it all. I sincerely value integrity and honesty.

Rudy Spiessens  is registered with the NHBRC.  Read more on this association by clicking on the logo.